Disinfecting Cars: Precautions for Coronavirus

In this period, we must definitely take individual measures to eliminate the risks against the Coronavirus, which is on our agenda. Among the precautions we will take the most important application that comes after personal hygiene and home hygiene; is disinfection of our cars. Germs, bacteria and viruses are easily settled in cars can pose a risk to our health if they are not disinfected regularly.

So how can we disinfect cars ?  

Any surface of the vehicle that can be touched, such as the contact surfaces, steering wheel, touch screen, gearshift lever, buttons, door handles, windows, should be disinfected

Before starting the cleaning of the vehicle, you should not forget to wear gloves and a mask as there may be viruses on inanimate surfaces. After finishing the cleaning process, you should wash your hands with plenty of water.


First of all, you should get rid of all the extra items in the car. You can sweep the seats and subdivisions of the car.

Disinfectants containing 70% alcohol are effective against viruses. With this type of disinfectant, you can clean the surfaces inside the car. In order not to damage the interior surfaces of the car, you should choose a soft microfiber cloth and rub it gently.

When disinfecting the interior of the cars, never use detergent, bleach etc. Such products can cause damage to the car. If you have a car made of leather coverings, products with alcohol content can cause various deformations in the car. To prevent these deformations, it is recommended to clean the leather covered cars with soapy water.

You should not forget to wipe the surfaces with a dry clean cloth. Wipe with disinfectant or soapy water.

When disinfecting cars You must throw away all unnecessary items inside the glove box and clean the inside of it thoroughly. The ventilated glove box is an area suitable for the accumulation of microbes. Therefore, you should disinfect the glove box frequently.

You can clean the roof of the car like other areas; with a cloth dipped in soapy water or with alcohol-based cleaners. As in the interior of the car, you can sweep the luggage compartment first and then wipe it.

After providing luggage hygiene, you can finish the cleaning process by wiping the door handles on the outside.

You should not forget to air your car often. One of the most important parts you should pay attention to when cleaning your car is to disinfect the air conditioner. Temperature and humidity in the radiator of the air conditioner cause bacteria to form. These bacteria cause bad odors to fill in the car and threaten your health. For this reason, you should definitely pay attention to air conditioning maintenance. It is recommended to replace the pollen filter of the air conditioner once a month. To clean the air ducts, you can use air conditioning cleaning sprays specially produced for cars.

By paying attention to the suggestions, you can reduce the risks and protect your health. We advise you to stay at home as much as possible against the danger of the virus, but if you have to go out, you should take care to follow the hygiene rules by taking individual measures.

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