Family Activities at Home During Coronavirus

Within the scope of the measures taken against the coronavirus outbreak that affected our country, most individuals worked from home while schools went online. The family members who stayed at home due to social isolation started to move towards various activities in order to make this time efficient. Experts emphasize the importance of spending quality time at home during the quarantine process and state that the time children spend on digital objects should be reduced. Activities that are used to spend full time at home keep both physical and mental health in balance. There are many activities you can apply at home to eliminate problems such as distractions from digital objects and strengthen family ties. You can also use the Internet to improve yourself and spend your time efficiently. We have listed the activities that you can have fun while spending time with your family at home

Take Online Courses

You can use online training to spend your time on the internet in a useful way. You can improve your foreign language or get a new hobby thanks to online trainings. You can find a course related to your child’s interests and participate in educational activities with online applications.  

Do Sports and Yoga

You can make social isolation healthy with physical activities. You can meet your daily movement need at home, which you cannot meet because you are not going out. Staying still at home; It can lead to psychological problems, heart diseases, muscle and skeletal problems. To prevent these negativities, you can exercise, yoga and meditate with your family at home. You can benefit from online lessons and protect your health with a planned program. By opening music, you can dance together and make the exercises fun.  


You can spend your time in a pleasant way by painting at home. With painting, your child’s imagination improves, while his hand skills increase. You can take it from adult coloring books and paint with your child and make it a hobby.

Spend time in the kitchen

You can use your time efficiently by making meals and desserts in the kitchen with your family. You can make cooking a team work, you can create daily menus by making plans. By cooking with your child, you can both have fun learning and develop a sense of responsibility.

Organize Movie and Animation Nights

You can organize movie nights by choosing the type of movies you will enjoy with your family. You can prepare special snacks for the movie night, turn off the lights and create a cinema atmosphere. You can make your child have a nice night with movies and animations suitable for his age.

Virtual Museum Visit

Another activity you can do to make your time at home productive is; to visit the virtual museum. Thanks to technology, you can stay at home through online sites and make cultural trips. You can visit museums around the world online and carry the world to your home. We have put some links below to virtual tours of famous museums around the world.

Visit British Museum, London

Visit The National Gallery, London

Visit Vatican Museums, Vatican City

Visit The Louvre, Paris

Visit Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Tokyo Fuji Art Museum, Tokyo

Pergamonmuseum, Berlin

Grow Plants

You do not need a large garden to grow plants, you can grow a family plant by separating a corner of your house into plants. Taking care of the plant, observing and growing it will raise your child’s sense of responsibility. It will also be good for your mood to change the air of your home.

Read a Book

Set one hour every day as a family reading time. Read a book you are interested in, staying away from digital objects for an hour. Reading a book is the easiest activity to spend time efficiently. With the book clock, you can contribute to the personal development of both you and your child. We have put some links of books for you & children.

Books for 0-5

Books for 6-8

Books for 9-11

Books for 12-14

Books for adults

As you can see, there are many activities you can do with your family at home. With the activities you will organize, you can complete the process you stay at home in a healthy way, while you are having your time, you can both have fun and develop. Thanks to the activities listed above, you can turn this period into an opportunity to spend quality time. Stay at home and color your life at home for the health of yourself and your family!