Tricks of Ironing Shirts

Ironing is one of the labour-intensive and time-consuming household chores. Errors made during ironing can cause irreparable damage to their clothes. It will be necessary to separate the clothes according to the type of fabric and iron with the correct ironing technique and heat setting specific to that fabric. One of the most challenging clothes when ironing is undoubtedly shirts. Shirts are one of the pieces that everyone can not give up to create a stylish combination regardless of men and women. Shirts, which are frequently preferred for daily use, need a good iron to stay on top of us.

How to iron the shirt comfortably and smoothly? What are the correct shirt ironing techniques?

How to Iron the Shirt Most Correctly and Practically?

1) You should be careful to iron the shirts when they are slightly damp. If it is not damp, you can spray some water from the water part of the iron.

2) You should pay attention to the type of shirt fabric so that your shirt does not burn or the fabric does not shine. You should adjust the temperature according to the sensitivity of the fabric. For example; For delicate fabrics like synthetic, you should use low heat.

3) Start ironing from the collar of your shirt. Iron the inside of the collar first, then the back. Fold the collar and iron from inside 1-2 times.

4) Then it is recommended to iron the shirt cuff and shoulders. First iron shirt cuff and shoulder line. You should iron it by slip the shoulder parts to the ironing board.

5) It’s time for the arms … You have to lay the arms on the ironing board and adjust the folds. If you adjust the arms according to the stitches by paying attention to the lay marks, you can prevent double lines.

6) Then iron the front part. You can remove wrinkles between the buttons with the tip of your iron.

7) Finally, you can finish by pressing the back of the shirt. You should take care to avoid wrinkles. 

Professional JUNO Ironing Service

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